Photoshoot and film location
Ballymoney, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

A Photo Shoot Location like no other

Timeless natural beauty, with classic historic architecture, is just one aspect of the backdrops and settings offered by Leslie Hill. Spaces and interiors adaptable to almost any setting, even

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room to create an entire back lot can all be provided on site. With this versatility comes an understanding of the processes of photographers and film makers, and resources to help realise your production in a timely and cost effective fashion. And the opportunity to make use of these elements in a secure environment, tucked away from the noise and bustle of the everyday world.

Conveniently situated for all routes

Leslie Hill is situated off the A26, a mile out of the centre of Ballymoney, less than an hour from Belfast by road, and a similar distance from Derry City, less than 40 miles (around 45 minutes) from Belfast International Airport, and only 3 hours from Dublin. Ballymoney is on the main Belfast to Derry railway line.

Location map, Leslie Hill

Leslie Hill Open Farm

Feeding a lamb at Leslie Hill Open Farm Looking for a great day out for the family in the summer months? CLICK HERE to find out more about Leslie Hill Open Farm.
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